Nephrologists Also Treat High Blood Pressure

Friday, December 3, 2021
High blood pressure is the most common medical condition in the United States and is also a leading risk factor for heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.
Your kidneys play a crucial role in regulating your blood pressure. That's why Watson Clinic’s kidney specialists, otherwise known as nephrologists, are also experts in the treatment of high blood pressure.
One way to avoid or slow the progression of kidney disease is to keep your high blood pressure (hypertension) under control (within the range of <140/90 mmHg for most people). Without proper guidance and treatment, this can be a tremendous challenge for many patients.
Watson Clinic’s nephrologists have been specially trained to determine and address the root causes of hypertension. They offer a variety of treatments that can help to lower blood pressure to an acceptable range and keep it there.
High blood pressure often does not have symptoms—this is why it’s sometimes called “the silent killer”. Controlling your high blood pressure could be one of the most important healthcare decisions you can make for yourself.
To schedule an appointment with a member of Watson Clinic’s Nephrology team at any one of four convenient locations, please call the department directly at 863-680-7190 or visit their webpage by clicking here. Some insurance plans may require a referral from your primary care provider.

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