Customer Service Task Force

We strive to deliver the highest quality care possible for every patient. Watson Clinic Customer Service Task Force wants to hear from you! 

We have several ways for visitors and patients to submit suggestions. Suggestion boxes are placed in every lobby along with suggestion forms. We also have our Customer Service Task Force email for those who would like to email a suggestion. Or you can send a suggestion via your MyChart account. Login and click on the "Messaging" icon at the top, then click on "Ask A Question" from the drop down. On that page you will see a "Customer Service Question" box that you can click on to send a suggestion via your MyChart account.
You can share your contact information or remain anonymous. If you have given us your contact info we will reply to all suggestions even if it’s something we cannot implement or we have to review with other areas. Please give us time to get back to you, some suggestions won’t be received for a few weeks but we will do our best to respond within 30 days.